Unique experience, an unusual place for your holidays in the green island of Bali


The increase of emissions, the breakdown of energy resources, the enormous waste production by society and the continued demand for new buildings have produced a growing attention to environmental issues.
Clean, clear water and fresh air, forests and green meadows are becoming a rarity. For that reason they are more precious and valuable every day … they cannot be wasted
The need to get back in touch with nature is becoming the decisive factor for the Third Millennium’s traveller, who is escaping from urban centers and who is eager to embark on journeys rich in experiences and authenticity but also with 5 star services.


SO GLAMPING WAS BORN ( glamorous+camping) Glamping is a model of eco tourism that can realize this dream: it uses eco-structures, SRUCTURES WITH ZERO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, perfectly integrated in the surroundings, ecological and eco-friendly but with comfortable, luxurious and refined furnishings, always inspired by the criteria of environmental respect. .

Glamping is the expression of this new Green Philosophy that is spreading all over the world.
Destinations such as South Africa have seen the birth of this en plein air tourism. They introduced these non-invasive tourist settlements in their large natural spaces.
They offered their guests, for the first time, direct and deep contact with nature combined with high level services.
The movement started with small niche projects and now has grown to become a global trend.


Glamping creates atmospheres that allow us to experience how our perception changes when there are no TVs or phones that continually absorb our attention and help to find that inner peace that only direct contact with nature can generate Charming lodges,
tree houses, tents at the edge of woods and streams, igloos, picturesque gipsy caravans hidden among the trees, are the new and increasingly refined environmentally friendly accommodations meeting the needs of en plein air, but without giving up comfort!



ECOLOGY & DESIGN, concepts that until a short time ago excluded each other, find their expression today in luxury campsites combining the taste of a holiday in contact with nature, with the benefits of services and accommodation equal to those of luxury hotels.


A study done by one of the most important sector operators ( showed that the Glamping attracts tourism “genetically” determined: eco-educated, non-standard, enterprising, curious and individual, “word of mouth” tourism, distrusting tour operators’ offers, who shuns crowds and searches for nature, landscapes and spaces with a low density of settlements.
Those who choose Glamping love to find all comforts but at the same time want to feel a little bit like Robinson Crusoe, not seeking “over the top” luxury but charm and refinement, a discreet elegance, with sports (trekking, mountain biking, hiking) and are interested to learn about culture and local traditions, are lovers of good food and local products

Glamping attracts an audience moved by an eternally magic word: escape